Hella Grip to release 1st EVER signature Homie Grip with Dan Barrett

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Dan is The Man. Therefore, I am A Fan. This premise and conclusion, albeit an incomplete conclusion given the lack of a secondary premise, are very important for y’all to consider if you want to understand the following announcement: Hella Grip isn’t just proud and honored at the moment. We’re bold to announce that Dan […]

Jake Sorensen Signature Colorway is on it’s way soon.

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A message from The Boss, McMasher: If your boy had to pick one word to describe Homie Jake Sorensen’s riding style, he’d go with “colorful.” I’m not trying to say Jake’s style is overtly flamboyant…it’s, more or less, visually-captivating-enough-to-the-point-of-ocular-overload-esqe, if I may say so. Since I AM saying so, I will also say that Hella […]

Hella Grip Mafia at Epic Indoor Skatepark

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Hella Grip Homies official and not combine to form Hella Grip Mafia and present you with an offer you cannot refuse. Features Hella Grip Homies Jake Sorensen, Dan Barrett, Eric Ostrom, Big Ron, Nick Donatelli, Austin Almonte, Tyler Wheeland, Ralph McMoran and Addison McNaughton. Also features riders and homies Josh Fedora, Zack Martin, Alex Steadman, […]

Tyler Wheeland & the D.T.D.F. Motorcycle Crew

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Head on over to The Scooter Resource to read up on the D.T.D.F. motorcycle crew that includes Hella Grip Homie Tyler Wheeland as well as fellow riders Dylan Kasson, Alex Steadman, Tom Kvilhaug and Kirk Svensson.